Rainforest Canyon Tour

This little-known and well-hidden canyon is a must for anyone who loves bush-bashing and river bed walking interspersed with gorgeous gorges requiring swimming, as well as ankle-deep and waist high wading.


Swim the rock pools

There are several rock pools along the journey with the longest measuring about 15 to 20 metres. The highlight of this hike is the large, almost crystal clear, rock swimming pool, complete with a short waterfall, found in the second gorge. This large waterhole is shaded by the forest’s towering trees and the gorge’s tall walls so you should expect a refreshingly cool swim here.


Bell bird songs and other tranquil forest sounds can be heard throughout the gorges. If you keep your eyes peeled you may very well see lizards and monitors climbing trees and snakes sunning on warm rocks, amongst other native wildlife going about their business.


you need to be fit

The majority of the hike will take you over rocks, boulders, and rough & slippery terrain, making it best suited to fit people, you will need to rock hop, swim and make calculated steps on small stones so patience is required to experience the hike in its entirety.

Some waterholes are knee high, while others definitely require swimming. Much of the hike involves getting your feet wet walking in the water, up the creek. Its a full day you will need to bring footwear that can get wet as you will be wet all the way to your head on this trip. Don’t forget to pack something dry to drive home in and a towel. We will supply a dry bag to put your camera in for the swims.